Feature Request: Get Current Time

  • For everything involving timing the activities of anything, creating lap timers, rewards based on speed of player performing a task, bonus calculations, etc etc...

    Probably also needs a way to handle the values it generates... as they might be weird....

    Help behaviours that store a lap other start time and then provide a duration report upon being told the lap or bonus round have been completed would be awesome.

    Countdown helper behaviours probably very useful for any kind of time limited gameplay session/section/scene/bout or whatever.

    This probably belongs in UI section... as that's where it will be used the most.

    CCProgressTimer has a bunch of wonderful things to make this look cool, too.

    And here is an amazing article about using polygons to do masking of a circular shape: https://web.archive.org/web/20161022024729/http://fancyratstudios.com/2010/02/programming/progresstimer-for-cocos2d/

  • @Deeeds there's a get time behaviour, which can be used in seconds to do maths so you can calculate time elapsed. For a countdown you could just use a timer that subtracts from a variable, right? A behaviour could be useful, but I think we'd need a better behaviour finder first; there's a lot of behaviours right now

  • @Jack8680 So sorry!

    I found it... under LOGIC.


    I never thought to look in there for Get Time. Looked just about everywhere else...

    Agreed, a behaviour finder is a must have. As would a broadcast sender, variable and in project behaviour finders. My project is starting to get to that size where I'm forgetting where things are.

    Easy enough to do, in terms of UI, too... I think.

    Pull down on the Behaviour list to open the search of hyperPad behaviours.

    Pull down on the Property list to open a search within the project for behaviours, variables, broadcasters, receivers, etc.

  • This post is deleted!

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