Collided Behaviour Exports what?

  • There's an X, Y and Impulse.

    What are these of?

    And how do I use them?

  • @Deeeds X and Y are the coordinates at which the two objects collide, Impulse is kind of how hard they hit.

  • @Aidan-Oxley I thought as much.

    Also found I could ascertain the angle from one object to another.

    neither of them matter, though, because rotating particle systems is broken, which means they're of no use to me.

    I'd say fixing all the problems and broken parts of hyperPad are the priority. Not adding more features with more problems that require ever more inane workarounds.

  • @Deeeds If you think hyperPad is so broken, why keep using it?

  • @Aidan-Oxley

    What kind of weird arse question is that?

    If you can see it's broken why don't you lobby to get some of those things fixed?

    It will die a sad death if it's not good enough for others to use. Then you'll have no engine to use.

  • @Deeeds When I find a bug that affects my project, I do ask about it. I haven’t used hyperPad in a while though so I haven’t submitted any bug reports recently.

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