Feature Request: Move Labels by Touching Label AREA

  • At the moment, a touch must be on the letters of a label in order to move it. Everything that's not quite on the letters results in changing the shape of the Label's bounding box.

    To say this is annoying is an epic sized understatement.

  • @Deeeds Not happening for me. Made random label, expanded its area to take up like the whole screen. Dragged somewhere on screen, label moved rather than changing bounding box or panning around scene.

  • @Aidan-Oxley Congratulations.

    I have always had this experience, through 3 different iOS 11 versions.

    1. The GM (probably what you're using)
    2. The last beta
    3. The current one

  • @Deeeds The GM? I don’t even know what that is. I’m using latest version hyperPad and latest iOS 11.

  • @Aidan-Oxley Gold Master

    It's the final "beta". It's not really a beta, but if you're subscribed to a beta program this is the version that's going to be released to everyone, but beta subscribers get it sooner, called a GM rather than calling it 1.0 or "finished" because they're never done and they're never 1.0

  • @Deeeds What’s that?
    This could explain a lot. But I’m really sure that this is just the latest version straight off the App Store. Your picture looks different to mine, where’d you screenshot that? EDIT: I think I’m stupid, that’s your iOS.

  • 1_1510781237966_352E099F-E22A-4BF4-B71F-3EF40B45EED1.jpeg 0_1510781237964_DD1E737A-56FE-4A11-AC23-7FDC3CF843EC.jpeg

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