Drag and Drop means a Selection Occurred: Behaviour Editor

  • I'm not sure how this passed muster. But when someone touches an objects, and that causes them to have selected it for dragging around a space, and then they drop it somewhere else, part of that metaphor is that they've selected (picked up) that object in order to place/drop it somewhere else and that this has taken priority over whatever else they were doing.

    So until they touch something else, this object is the currently selected object.

    As it stands now, you're ignoring this metaphor, one of the most significant of the iOS user experience patterns, and pretending they still have their previous Behaviour selected.

    Given that there is almost no other place in the entire UI/UX of this app where you retain user activity states/modes I think this is not only wrongheaded, but also inconsistent with the way the rest of the app acts.

    While you're at it, zooming in the Behaviour editor should release ANYTHING that's touched by any of the zooming fingers. It should cause the currently selected object to be dropped, as it was never the user's intention to zoom whilst moving this object, only to zoom.

    And you should probably do away with the double, triple, quadruple pick up, drag "feature" and cancel all other pickups but the first.

    Then add "drag region to select" so you're consistent with the Scene Editor, and permit the pickup of a massive number of nodes/behaviours at any time, so they can be dragged as a group.

  • @Deeeds Lol zooming with multiple behaviours selected is crazy. Also, dragging two or more behaviours around that both have the same behaviour connected underneath them is pretty crazy.

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