Two finger touch flaws/bugs in Scene Editor

  • Two fingers = pan and/or zoom.

    So when the selection tool is selected, regardless of ALL other other things, the moment a second touch is detected, all activity should divert to providing the smoothest and best possible pan and zoom.

    Instead, the system tries to hold onto whatever was touched with the first finger. If you have an overlay or large object in the scene, you're going to have a very hard time getting zoom-out to work, or even getting the layers panel to pop up because a second touch isn't recognised for what it is in iOS... an attempt to pan and/or zoom.

    Just use the UIKit ways of handling that second touch, discard whatever you're supposing the intent of the first touch was/is.

  • @Deeeds Yeah... when in those situations just use the Pan option to the far left.

  • Admin

    Because we're using realtime cocos2d for our scene editor, we can't use uikit gestures like you suggest. Use pan tool like @Aidan-Oxley suggests.

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