Hit By Bullet Behaviour doesn't destroy the bullet

  • This is a bug. It should either absorb and destroy the bullet, or knowingly be hit and bounce the bullet.

    It only does the latter.

    Having the switch for all bullets to be destroyed on all collisions, or bounce on all of them, is too general.

    Using "ignore bullets'" bypasses physics reactions.

    It should be possible to filter more precisely to:

    "I'm hit by a bullet, therefore the bullet is gone from the scene, and I'm wounded by it."

    Whereas bullets might bounce of most everything else, except wood objects, into which they get stuck, rather than being ignored and passing through. etc.

    For ideal results, consider how good particle engines provide state change opportunities upon collisions, and filtering for those types of collisions by object, environment, mode and properties of the collision.

  • @Deeeds Bullets only get destroyed when they collide with any solid (passable turned off) wall or physics object, and the setting inside the bullet behaviour that says something like destroy on impact is turned on.

  • @Aidan-Oxley I know what happens. I'm describing several scenarios where that's nowhere near sufficient, nor ideal.

  • Admin

    We’re using a bunch of optimization’s with bullets that won’t really work with what you’re asking. If you need more physical properties for bullets, I think that you’ve pushed bullets to the limit and you can instead use the spawn behaviors to create bullets instead.

  • @Hamed Argh, I'm sensing you're a Bullet Hell addict.

  • @Deeeds Me too. Bullet hells are awesome. Phoenix 2 is my favourite game on the App Store, my best game is Meteor and it’s pretty much a bullet hell.

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