Feature Request: Hide/Show UI in Scene Editor -> 3 finger touch

  • WHY?
    Gives full screen, as in game, previews of the content without the UI, as it would look whilst playing, and permits distraction free editing of layouts etc, all without running the game.

    When the user taps the screen with three fingers, hide the hyperPad UI. Another 3 finger taps re-presents the UI

    Whilst UI hidden, let users continue using whatever tool is currently active [ pan, select, move ].

    Alleviating some potential concerns:
    If you're worried about users accidentally activating this and getting stuck in this state, put a timer on it so that the UI comes back automatically after a given period of inactivity or total time.

    If you're really worried, also add a little pop-up explaining what just happened for the first 5 or so times they use this tool, that has a checkbox for "don't show this warning again, thanks!"... or something like that.

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