What's carried over from the first (Default) Scene?

  • It seems the default scene leaves some things behind, or otherwise influences what follows.

    What is this that it's doing and/or carrying over from itself to the next scene?

  • This is what I know:

    A duplicated scene, used as a first/home scene, it's contents, even with name changes, propagate into subsequent scenes.

    So any changes made to the entities of the duplicated scene are "mirrored" in the scene that was duplicated.

    I don't want this.

    How do I duplicate a scene without it being filled with pointers to the contents of the first scene?

  • Have now mirrored the items I need into a new scene.

    Then copied them, and deleted the mirrors.

    The problems persist. The camera in the subsequently loaded scene takes on the properties of the camera in the default scene.

    Not using Global or Scene layers.

    Appears to be a bug.

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