Feature Request: Channeling in Receive Message Behaviour

  • Receive Message is a wonderful feature.

    Make it more wonderful by adding paths (or channels) based on the content of the message received.

    Easiest thought about as a highly (visually, behaviourally and cognitively) efficient way of conditionally responding to the content of messages.

    If the range of message content is known to be between 0 and 5, and each of these ints is going to have a different required response, have channels (outlets) for each of these messages.

    For anything else received, as per current processing of messages received.

  • @Deeeds If hyperPad added every request you made, it would become too lazy. Just use some If behaviours... Receive message → If message content is > 0 → If message content is < 5 → do stuff.

  • @Aidan-Oxley I agree, too many “easier” features makes it boring....and there are other things that are more important too, like lighting and prefabs. I don’t even use things like add to score, I would rather make it myself lol.

  • @iTap-Development Same actually, I only ever use the score behaviour when I’m making a test project and can’t be bothered doing it manually.

  • @Aidan-Oxley I know exactly what you mean:

    Central heating and air are of satan. Making people lazy and inept.

    Warming my house is done with fire.

    I grind my own axe. I made it myself. From ore smelt in the shed with coal mined out back.

    Everyman is only as good as his coal mine.

    No real man uses soap.

    Only eat what you kill and/or grow yourself.

    And don't dare share with others.

    It's Survival of the fittest.

    A Darwinian Dream.

  • @Deeeds I would rather chop my tree down with an axe, and have a wood stove to burn it in, rather than cut it down with a chainsaw and stack it up outside to rot.

    At some point, the chainsaw makes sense, but the stove comes first.

    In other words, I think this feature would be useful, but like I said before, other things like lighting and prefabs should be higher priority.

    I know, an equally silly example as yours.

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