Two Receivers, inside one object, only one works?

  • I have two receivers inside one object.

    Both are listening to the same message.

    One of them works, the other doesn't.

    Why is this?

  • @Deeeds I haven’t tried this, but maybe an object can only listen to a broadcasted message once. You shouldn’t be doing this anyway, if you have two separate events in the same object after receiving a message, they should both be under the same receive message.

  • @Aidan-Oxley "should"...

    But imagine I want to turn one of them off, sometimes, and the other one always do thing.

    Speaking of "should"...

    This should work.

    It should be possible to "overload" message receipt.

  • @Deeeds You want to turn one of the receivers off? Then instead of having two receivers, have one receiver with two Behaviour Bundles underneath, then turn on and off the behaviour bundle you want.

  • @Aidan-Oxley I've already tried this. But Behaviour Bundles have a bit of a bug when it comes to passing through the received message to conditionals. They don't.

  • @Deeeds That’s weird. Maybe you could try using Wait (zero seconds) instead of behaviour bundles?

  • @Aidan-Oxley I've gone with messaging to a third party.

    When in doubt, I build a manager and send it messages. Seems to be both the safest and surest way. And slightly organised. That's my solution to this problem, too.

  • Admin

    Could there have been a space or anything like that? I don't think that we're doing any sanitizing on the text... we should though!

  • @Hamed no, no space. I duplicated the receiver to ensure it was exactly the same.

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