Feature Request: Accessible State of Duration Behaviours

  • WHAT?
    The ability to query a Behaviour about its current state.

    Because duration based behaviours have state, and this is important to animation sequencing and all other event based activity.

    States of Duration Behaviours are:

    • Active (running)
    • Passive (behaviour is set to ON but not currently running)
    • OFF (Behaviour is Set to OFF)

    Make it possible to query the current state of an Action "behaviour". Inside a conditional block/behaviour, permit the subject to be a behaviour, and the query to be about its state(s).


    if MoveBy() is Passive, run MoveBy()

    inherently means that if MoveBy() is either Active or OFF, then do nothing.


    for users...
    Perhaps the biggest is providing simple, easy calling of actions without jamming them or accidentally restarting them, and without the need to make flags and handling mechanisms to prevent jams, restarts and other undesirable behaviour.

    for @Hamed :
    Puts off the immediate need to create a complex animation and blocking system for sequencing of actions, as users can use the state knowledge to make complex animations themselves, relatively easily, giving you the time to consider and make a full blown animation and action editor for hyperPad.

    Captain Obvious Tip: Minor version permits querying all other behaviours (those without duration) about their state (on or off) by asking. e.g.....

     if myBehaviour ≠ OFF, do SomeStuff()

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