Weird format with nested json arrays

  • When I have nested json arrays, such as [["test","test2"]], getting the array value at index zero returns:


    Rather than simply ["test","test2"]. Putting this back into an array breaks things because of the line breaks, escaping them as ["(\n test,\n test2\n)"]. Interestingly, the get array value behaviour still works on this format, so perhaps it's intentional, but something is broken in my project so I'm guessing it's caused by this.

    Edit: it's not broken, it actually works fine and it was just not working because I was using trim text on the first character to check if it was an array, which obviously doesn't work without square brackets. Get array count works fine though,

    Edit2: it actually is breaking something else, but I don't have time to figure out where at the moment.

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