Turn based TCG game

  • I am looking to make a simple turn based Trading card game using Hyperpad.

    I have searched the forum for sample projects or tutorials that I can learn from but haven’t found anything yet.

    Any examples, samples, or advice would be greatly appreciated, as currently I have only successfully created a main menu.

  • @bengg Can you elaborate? What do you want to make exactly?

  • I would like to start off with something simple with some kind of role playing game style fighting logic, (Where two players, can take turns attacking each)

    I would like to have each player pick out 3 characters they want to use and best 2 out of 3 would win the match.

    eventually I would like to add a deck for players to draw (card style objects, that contain boosts or effects)

    I know it is fairly complex as a starting project but I’m really just curious if it can be done using this program... and they say it can

  • @bengg Yeah, it can. It is a little bit much for a beginner project though.

    1. Create your characters, one on each side of the screen. Split the screen in half and include basic UI for both.

    2. Create a logic label to record gameplay in. Since health, damage, state of attack, etc, etc. are temporary, define them in a dictionary, and you will restart the scene or switch between scenes after gameplay, so it will automatically be reset the way you want it to be. Create commands - each with the physical animation, dictionary logic, and UI modification.

    3. Define different enemies with different dictionaries, and save each of these dictionaries in different levels. When combat is over, save win or lose, and then direct the player back to one big scene. That is the scene with all of the platform gameplay or grid gameplay.

    That is one example of the layout for an RPG type of game. You can also load all combat in overlays, or in one scene or overlay and just switch between characters inside of that one scene. Your save to file and load from file behaviors are your best friend in this case.

  • @bengg Have a look at this: https://forum.hyperpad.com/topic/771/known-issues-limitations-of-hyperpad

    Make sure there's nothing in that list prevents you from finishing and/or realising something important to you and your ideas.

  • @deeeds His turn-based TCG game is still very possible.
    @BenGG In the next month or so, I will be working on some example Hyperpad projects/code snippets to help beginners out. If you want, I can model this out for you inside of Hyperpad! Just let me know, but also know that it will take some time!

  • @GameCrazy that sounds amazing yes please do!!! I am learning it all just as fast as I can but yes it’s all kinda overwhelming for a beginner. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    I have several of the graphic elements already made if you would like them.

    (I honestly didn’t expect anyone to be able to be able to help much less willing)

  • @bengg Nah, it's fine. Thanks.

    It will take 2-3 weeks, just because I need to get in some App Store submissions first (1rst game down, 2 more to go)

  • @gamecrazy if you need anything let me know I’d be happy to play your games and give you feedback/ leave you good reviews in exchange for your help figuring hyperPad out.

    Thanks again, looking forward to your tutorial

  • @bengg No problem! Yes, that would be great, search Infinity Square on your iPad/iPhone and my game will be the first result!

  • @gamecrazy just curious, how have your games done on the AppStore?

  • @itap-development Mostly done in Hyperpad, and I add some Swift code on top.

    Publishing is really tedious and annoying. Apple is extremely strict when it comes to any purchases, and I have gotten rejected time and time again!

    If you want help, you can reach out to me too.

  • @gamecrazy let me rephrase...how have they done in regards to downloads ect.

  • @itap-development Oh, downloads have not been that great (200 or so), but then again I have only have one game out so far.

    This next week or so I am going to be releasing one after another, and I will actually start marketing my app for real. I will tell you how it does then!

  • @gamecrazy ok cool!

  • @bengg I am going to begin the project tomorrow... Excited!

  • About done with the first battle tutorial scene.

    I am going to create:
    -a battle tutorial scene
    -5 other in-game battles
    -one big scene to play in