Cannot edit while offline

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    Guys you move this discussion to General discussion or private chat?

    This way we can continue to help @JonnyFlapjack if needed.

    Thanks :)

  • @Deeeds a little something from your 5th post on this forum!

    “But for everyone of the millions pushed into exposure to coding and/or visual coding, and all those having desired/imagined and expected it will be simple to conceive of something and then perceive how to do it with code... I'm sorry. It's not natural, not simple and not elegant, even in visual, simplified coding environments like hyperPad.

    Coding sucks, no matter how it's done.

    However, for a minority, the cold, commanding, ruthless remoteness (and responsibility free zone) that is coding provides a relief from the rest of the world.

    That's not me. I suck at coding. And languages. But can lift heavy things.”

    and now you said this!

    “this little thing will be a ripper of an engine and we'll all be able to say "I told you so" as it becomes famous, popular, cool and desirable.

    But just a heads up on Swift.. I recommend waiting until version 5 to get serious about it, when they're aiming to fix a lot of the existing issues and properly stabilise it. Until then, learning Objective-C (and using it) is a very worthwhile and valuable experience.

    So, first coding sucks and then it’s worthwhile and valuable?
    I’m so confused!

  • @murtaza sorry didn’t see this....I started my post, then left and finished later.....oops

  • @itap-development Until you learn to recognise, understand, compartmentalise and retain context(s), you'll experience ever more confusion.

  • Best method for sending my project for you to check permissions, etc?

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    In hyperPad press the ... button on the project, then select email project link. Send to

  • @murtaza I can't upload anything, or backup anything, to your servers, via the projects page in your app. I've let you and your brother know about this several times, in several different ways.

    In the process of asking questions about flushing out dead/limbo-ed objects, only one response, with (at best) partial information.

    So, to recap, I'm unable to utilise any variation of continuous working and backing up in your app. For a little over a month, in your top tier subscription.

    And you, nor your brother, could seem to care less. Hence the comment. Which you consider to be a complaint.

    And you then say you've had HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of users. But we know you're now at about a dozen or so...

    Meaning hundreds of thousands didn't voice their "complaints", they simply stopped using your app, instead.

    I've since tried creating a blank project. Nothing in it. And then saving that online. No go. It tries twice, and fails. "Problem Backing Up. Try again later." is the error message.

    This would seem the lesser of two evils, but directly related to the inability to edit while offline. As, for me, it doesn't seem to matter if I'm online or offline, I can't backup my projects and use the storage I'm paying for... and, as I say, neither of you seem to care about this.

  • @deeeds, @Murtaza, been meaning to report this but forgot:

    Sharing projects (email download link) works fine for me though, it's just very slow (could me upload speed).

    A lot of my backups are 0 bytes, and sometimes there's no backups being created at all.

    This could be caused by me cancelling it by opening a project or closing hyperPad, didn't pay attention to it until I needed a backup and there wasn't one.

  • @jack8680 @Deeeds @Murtaza Very often, Hyperpad will load and load and load, and I have to close to the app. Similarly, sometimes back-ups will load and load and load, and I will just have to retrieve a new back-up.

  • HyperPad crashing everytime I attempt to edit offline.....

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