[Latest][CRASH] Collided crash.

  • I’m not entirely certain why this game is cashing.


    It crashes when the object ‘Render’ collides with object of type (named) FloorDynamic.

    This project has 5 objects with roughly 20 different sequences of behaviors. All objects with prefix ‘Floor’ are duplicated, unmodified.

    iOS and App running latest available versions.

  • @thecheater887 weird, it's caused by the collided and stopped colliding behaviours with the scale behaviours in them.

    The scale behaviour causes the object to have no collisions while it's running, so I guess it has to do with that; the collision causes it to scale, which causes it to stop colliding and scale back in the same tick.

    These are the behaviours that cause the crash (on collision):
    The scale behaviours have a non-zero duration. The crash still occurs even when the scale behaviours are set to the current scale.

  • Collided doesn’t trigger when an object collision is spawned on top of the collided check, so I don’t understand why something so simple dashboards.

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