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  • As I know, many of you remember Gamepress - hyperPad's predecessor. Have you been making any games there? What was your GP nick? What games on GP arcade were your favorite?
    My nickname was KapitanPozitiv and I've made several primitive games, like Project Zombie, Mortal Kombat (crappy fighting that I somewhy named after Netherrealm's franchise, I remember there were lots of dislikes because of this.. 'tapbait'), New Spaceman's Adventures.
    My Gamepress favorites were Double Champion, Alien Rising, True Detective and Boxer Moose.

  • @andrey-ghost My name was no different, I remember my first ever decent game (I actually don't remember any games I made before this) was a basic spaceship game using the default spaceship graphics, basic sounds and shoot with button with default laser sound. Joystick controlled movement and joystick controlled shooting and like 2 or 3 levels. Then I got an assignment in a high school class to make a game (I was disappointed when most of the marks were for analysing each other's games rather than our effort put into the game), I made Space Shooter with my own graphics and more experience, and actually added a cannon to my ship rather than the ship always facing the direction you shoot. This one was endless, not levels. Interesting that all my games always seem to be space themed... I bet I made a side scroller with the alien and grass blocks one time 😝

  • @andrey-ghost Lol Boxer Moose doesn't work any more

  • @aidan-oxley This is sad..
    I remember I played some top-down space shooter with GP graphics named like 'Space Fighter' or something of this sort by a guy with name, like, Aidan Fire I think. I actually found that one a very good game by GP standards. Was is it you?

  • @andrey-ghost Ooooh, my name on hyperPad isn't Aidan_Fire I forgot, for some reason I have my full name on here. But yeah that was my game, Aidan_Fire is my online name everywhere else. Can't believe you remember that 😝

  • @aidan-oxley I have a tendency to remember small details from the far past while forgetting everything else in present C:

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