FNaF: FFD Moved. Again.

  • I think I should probably just say now, I probably shouldn't have made a release date for FFD since I cant keep to them.

    only 2 things are slowing me down, the AI and Phone Girl's recordings are taking a while to perfect.

    but I do have an answer to when it should be done.
    Late August - Early September.
    Specific Dates aren't exactly my strong suit, and i usually just break them. this is one of those occasions.

    anyway, i am working as hard as possible to find a way so that the AI works, but isn't too hard to understand/figure out, and I'm getting the voice actor to do a few more tries to determine which call is more fitting for each night.
    at the moment, I'm thinking of re-creating the office. It doesn't look the nicest, and the fact that its a main mechanic, its not exactly a great example of my works up until now.

    Oh, if anyone doesn't mind in helping me with this AI thing, I'm happy for people who know how to create one to help, since its my first time creating Computer Intelligence. I'll send over a copy of the game, get someone to try it out, tell me whats wrong, and what to do to make it better. Basically, I'm asking for a few people to try the game out before I release it, but I don't know if I could trust people not to share it about.
    But I guess if anyone asks, I'll send it to them. There's only going to be a few people to get their hands on it pre-release, and do it on some sort of condition. Send requests in the DM, because then we can disclose private information, and send each other .tap files for the game.

    anyway, that's all for now. this was really just a heads up post that it isn't coming out tomorrow, and that I'm sorry for anyone who was waiting on it. even if it was a few people, my intention wasn't to disappoint.

    I'll post updates in the comments.

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