Mind made up, and changelogs for FNAF: FFD

  • Hey, there.

    I have made my mind up with the big changes im making for the game.
    I am:

    1. Re-making the office from scratch minus the desk. I like the desk, so I'll keep it lol
    2. Making the office LARGER
    3. Giving Fredbear THREE ways to enter your already massive office.
    4. adding 2 NEW cameras to see more of your surroundings (of your office. no inner-building cams will be added in the beta. this could also stay through tho the full release.)
    5. REMODDELING THE ENTIRE BUILDING USING 3DSMAX. this will take a long time, so im sorry if its not out by September, as this could take a long time to do. This is mainly to improve the quality of my work, and to reduce the storage size of the game, since im not using multiple scenes for the same object/image. (Right now, Storage Size is 53.43MB, which is a lot for a 2 Night Demo...
    6. Not releasing a release date, as this will pressure me to get something done, and potentially rush it, or make myself ill due to stress and so on (like before.)

    I hope you all understand the last one, which is important to me and family, and so on. but i assure you, this project is going to take a while to complete fully.

    I have had 3 people ask for the.. Unused beta.
    if you want to keep them, please go ahead and do so.
    But please dont share it aroud until im happy with you to do so.
    i had good feedback from 2, and excessive criticism from one, which was good.

    But im working upon that criticism, and hopefully ill be able to impress people with what i can do!

    I'll provide screenshots of my progress in the following weeks, and ill also talk about what ive been up to in the comments.

    but for now, ask any questions you may have, and ill answer them as soon as i can (or as soon as an email notification comes in)

    bye :)

  • Changelog for RewrittenFiPz

    I have decided to trash the entire project and start anew.
    I'm also renaming it to fit with my own timeline, instead of having it try to fit in with another.

    but ive started learning how to use a 3D software that isnt 3DS Max. I found it on the internet, and its called "Sketch up".
    I have already tried learning the basics, and ill try to start modelling tomorrow morning.

    all i have right now is sound affects, animations and other useful stuff passed on from the last project.

    The new name for the project, im not sure yet.
    i may keep the old one, but have it in my own timeline to set it up for more games in the timeline, or have a standalone.
    but i need to work that out before i do anything else really.

    anything that i do is posted here, so keep tuned in for updates.

  • ~UPDATE~

    I have remodeled the entire map, and I'm making perspective shots now, so expect it to be finished by October-November.
    although i must say now, any iPad/iPhone running iOS 9 or lower (iPad Mini, 5c models and previous, I'm looking at you...) CANNOT run this game because of the old A5/A6 chips being too slow to keep up with the demanding gameplay.

    anything sporting an A7, A8, A9X, A10X, and A11X chipsets are good to go (tested with xCode, ported to other devices from iPhone 4s to iPhone X (yes i have all of these devices))

    at the moment, I'm writing a PC version using PyGame with a few other people to see how it runs on older laptops using Intel i3 Cores because this is a project to show how well im able to program and write code, as well as to provide to the public.

    anyway, with progress related business now,

    ive not been doing a lot because of recent family... problems.
    i decided to take some time off, and model the map when i was able to, and get people to help.

    at the moment, ive allowed 5 people to help me with production and creation, so it makes more sense than if i was doing it alone.
    i had an estimated time of getting this finished by february on my own, so thanks to the people that are helping me.

    but progeress-wise, were about 25% done.

    I'll update again next month to let you know whats going on.

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