Suggestion: Dynamically Join and Leave Tags

  • @administrators I think it would be really useful if there was a behaviour that allowed for dynamic or predefined tag joining/leaving, in the same way that an attribute can be set.

    An example of where this could be useful is that in a dungeon project I'm collaborating on, we have loads of rooms, each filled with objects. Each of these objects is assigned an ID depending on what room they are placed in, so when a player enters that room, all objects are disabled except the room the player is in. Right now, We have to use a for each loop that gets the ID of every single object to decide whether to enable or disable it. This causes the game to freeze for about half a second when travelling between rooms. The main problem is that there is no way to select a spawned object, and this would change that so we could just directly select the tag with the ID of the room.

  • @Jack8680 ha ha, Aidan already suggested this.

  • Are you sure? I don't remember suggesting this in forums.

  • @Aidan-Oxley Oh wait, never mind. I didn't read @Jack8680 full paragraph. I saw the heading and I thought he was talking about different people editing a project in groups XD.

  • Oh yeah, I meant tags... editing post... done

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