The joy of filler games, and update on FFD

  • Hello, just wanted to update again this month, and tell you whats going on.
    Filler game coming soon, although xCode wont let me run it on the latest iPhone 10s and iPhone 10s Max...

    hopefully, this shouldn't take too long, its just a simple platformer not related in anyway to fnaf.

    the game is about 5 levels long, it hasnt got an offical name, but i getting some of the team working on FNAFFD to test it and comment on it.

    so far, the FNAFFD game isn't actually going to be released here. I've tried redesigning the sprites to take up less than 60% of the available storage of the game able to run on devices pre-iPhone 8...

    I'll be porting it over to Android instead, and hopefully get some taster demo here with the original non-3d render out sometime within the next month or so.
    this was the last thing i wanted to do, so sorry about this.
    its probably due to most of the available RAM on older devices, and since a majority of devices on android have about 6-8GB RAM, its more suited for the android phones.

    anyway, hopefully you wont be too disapointed with the final outcome of the DEMO version of FNAFFD, and im hoping i can just get a filler made by me and a friend.

    A lot of thought went into the process, about 3-4 months of pure planing, making sure HP can run it, and keeping the game consistent. anyway, updates this time next month.
    bye for now

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