I need advice

  • Hi im new to hyperPad and ld like to know a good pixel measurement for designing tiles.

  • Admin

    Well by default, each meter in hyperPad is 32points (32 pixels, or 64 pixel for retina). So if you design with this in mind it will be easy to snap your tiles together.
    You can of course change this when creating your new project (it's the PTM - Pixel to Meter- setting.)

    Ideally, you want to create your graphics for retina first. Meaning 2x the resolution. When importing hyperPad will automatically create a standard resolution for you (cutting the image resolution in half)

  • @murtaza Is there any way to increase the maximum image size? Right now it's 2048 by 2048, when I import images from an iPad Pro 11.4" the image files are too big some of the time since the width is larger than 2048 pixels

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