I have already purchased BOTH Enthusiast and Student Tiers BUT Hyperpad still keeps logging me as a FREE USER without any ability to open my projects OFFLINE. Why!?!

  • Seriously, I have a demo tomorrow and I have no internet connection at the venue. @Hamed and @Murtaza, please help me sort this out. If you look at these screenshots, you will see that I already purchased both the “enthusiast” and "student" tiers as one time payment purchases and simply tried a one month or two developer subscription before to use custom fonts in the game. Please, help me. I need the ability to use and edit my projects offline.
    2_1542190691508_468458DF-3AF0-4D48-BAD0-AC7B5E3AE730.png 1_1542190691508_8A0FE052-0F91-43E4-AC8C-39C17347DB98.png 0_1542190691507_F4F06049-0CCC-4905-8868-50C282AF62C4.png0_1542190905227_C4464B78-5C82-4B75-AC3E-57CA77894C52.png1_1542214634908_4AE662CA-A01E-4CDF-8853-E1023FF96FAC.png 0_1542214634908_B2EE5945-E0AC-4DF6-B456-99DEEE95C351.png

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