Asset library naming

  • Along with being able to reference objects by name, it would be really useful to be able to set graphic based on a graphics name in the asset library. For something like a level builder, if you wanted to have like ground tiles, and be able to have the user choose different versions of the tiles, like dirt, grass, or snow, or a different angle, etc, you would have to have to use a lot of IF's(depending on how many options you have)

  • @Hamed for example, if you have two textures for the tile, and you want the option for snow or grass, and you have two angles, instead of all the IF's, you can use combine text and the user can select texture1, snow, and angle2 and that can be combined to one text and then you just set graphic to the asset named texture1snowangle2 but other wise to set it to that asset you would have to say IF texture one and IF snow and IF angle2, then set graphic to that asset. So depending on the number of options you have, it's going to get extremely messy!

  • Admin

    Yep! That would be super cool and we've had plans for this. Its a lot of effort on our part so you won't see it for a while unfortunately.

  • You know what else could be cool? Select an object by its name, when the spawn on object behaviour is activated does it give the spawned object a name similar to how duplicating works? If so then selecting objects by name would be awesome because you wouldn't have to have something like collided with group interact with group (when what you want doesn't have much do do wi collisions).

  • @Hamed ok! Also, do you have an eta for a set collision behavior?
    I think Murtaza said that it was something you were planning on adding in the future!

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