1.22 Now Available!

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    Finally released the fixes for the bugs that were introduced in 1.21.
    Let us know if there are any issues you're having.

    Feel free to discuss update 1.21 and 1.22 here! 🙂

    What's New:

    • iPad Pro 11" Support. hyperPad now runs on the iPad Pro 11" with no black bars.
    • iPad Pro 11" Player support. We've added a new choice for screen size when designing your game. Added the 199:139 aspect ratio for you to make sure your games run flawlessly on the iPad Pro 11"

    What's Fixed:

    • Sound effects no longer lag projects
    • Audio Pan now works
    • Fixed bug where Box Container default values would be cleared on project upgrade
    • Fixed bug where sound would continue to play when quitting a project
    • Fixed bug where sound objects would not stop playing when quitting project
    • Fixed bug where restore purchase window would get stuck if a purchase was never made
    • Fixed bug where app warnings would not pop u (eg. Should see a warning when trying to do a wall on wall collision with collide behaviour)
    • Added missing description for Play Sound behaviour.

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