Can’t import custom sound from GarageBand

  • It seems that I am no longer able to import custom sounds or music from GarageBand to HyperPad. It always says “Couldn’t convert source audio” or something like that. I think the reason is because HyperPad now only accepts Audio Files and not the Song itself and with GarageBand it never converts to an Audio File that I can actually use. What can I do?

  • @sonickid7 I've noticed hyperPad can't import things from a few of my apps as well.

    To import your sound from GarageBand, instead of exporting to hyperPad, first export it to your Notes app (one of the default ones by Apple that should still be there if you haven't deleted it). Then open it in Notes and export it to hyperPad, you shouldn't get the error any more (I didn't).

    I exported and opened a .wav file, just in case you try the other types and they don't work (hopefully doesn't matter, probably gets converted when hyperPad imports it).

  • Admin

    Sorry. Missed this! Should be fixed in version 1.25

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