Ultimate Not Custom Night

  • Yay, another new FNaF project woohoo. Here’s the first preview:
    As of now, the project is going good. I’ve successfully programmed at least 9/15 characters on the Regular Roster and all 6 characters on the Extra Roster. A few bugs have been found that I’m still trying to fix that include the arrows to look left and right, and one certain character. Stay tuned for the full roster reveal!

  • EVERYONE IS HERE! (15/20 Mode Testing pls help me.)
    One of the new characters I just added today appear to be a real problem.
    Now, who can we expect to see in this game? Well, Characters from my past projects, Characters from the abandoned project, Ultimate SonicKid7 Night (With new, less HyperPad crashing mechanics.). Challenges, and of course, an Extra Roster. Here are all the characters.
    The Extra Characters May be shown another time, but for now, I’ve gotta go get some rest because sheesh I’m exhausted after all of that coding. Stay fresh!

  • Here’s an updated picture of the main roster.
    Extra Roster soon to be revealed!

  • Normal Roster Mechanics:

    Jayden - His laughter warns you of his presence. When he laughs, you’ll have about 5 seconds to close the left door.

    Edward - He attacks from the left door, progressing in stages, check the monitor to see how close he is. Once he gets too close, shut the door.

    Alex A - He’s exactly the same as Edward, except he attacks from the right. (He is also more active.)

    Alex T - He will be in the vents, when you hear him crawling in the vents, check the vent monitor. Depending on which side he is at, keep the appropriate vent closed until he goes away. (He will not give a sound cue for when he leaves.)

    SonicKid7 - He is in Emerald Cove and will begin to leave the curtains. Once he is out, you will hear him running, quickly shut the left door until he hits it, indicating he’s been sent back to Emerald Cove.

    Lennard & Lora - These two are a tag-team duo. Whenever either of them appear in the office, you must wear the mask once they are in-front of you to make them leave.

    H.I.M - He will sit in the office the whole night. He will, by random chance when you lower the monitor, ask you to swipe in a certain direction. Be quick to meet his demands or your run will quickly end with an unpleasant surprise!

    Dark Jayden - If he appears in the office, quickly tap on him to make him go away. Take too long, then you will be jumpscared.

    The Bug - He is attempting to get into your office through a different method. He will try to install himself onto your monitor, when his virus download pops up on Cam 1, cancel it or your run will end shortly after!

    Pumpkin Man - A Jack-O-Lantern will sit on a table in the Power Room Camera. If the light within the Jack-O-Lantern snuffs, you will have to relight it before Pumpkin Man gets you!

    Melon Man - ???

    Endie - He sits in the Backroom. If he leaves the Backroom, he will appear in the office. Play the Audio on the Backroom Camera before he ends the run!

    Boo - He will appear at random, spinning around in your office in an attempt to distract you. Do your best to ignore him or someone else may wreck the party!

    Withered Jayden - He is looking for his old pal, you. When he is near, you will hear him beckoning for you to come back to him and play once again, this is accompanied by the lights flickering aswell. Look at the left and right side of the office for signs of a flashing warning icon and close the appropriate door to block him.

    Hooded Figure - He does not count as part of the Regular Roster or Extra Roster and is ALWAYS active in a night, regardless of whatever it may be. He is outside of your office, but not visible on the cameras, your power is very limited and keeping it active is the only way to prevent him from sneaking in for the kill! Keep the power charged in the Power Room to be sure he never gets you!

    SecretUser01 - He is always in the night and will of show up at any point to add 1 of his 6 Extra Characters to the game. The character added will not be announced.

  • The Extra Roster.
    Also, the game is finished heheheheh...
    Releasing to the public either tommorow or later today.

  • ITS OUT.

  • I’m gonna try to beat the 15/20 Mode of this game. Here are my best times so far:

    1AM (64 Secs) - Got jumpscared by Dark Jayden.
    2AM (116 Secs) - Got jumpscared by Kori.
    2AM (120 Secs) - Got jumpscared by Alex A.
    4AM (185 Secs) - Got jumpscared by SonicKid7.

    I hope I beat it soon. 😌

  • WOOHOO!!! 15/20 MODE BEAT!!!
    Now I NEVER have to play this game again! :D

  • 0w0

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