What would cause broadcast/receive message behaviors to fail?

  • My structure is I have object A and object B, also, debug log label C. Object A requests information from object B, object B updates its information after sending the information to object A, and object A continues.... in theory.

    Before I made the debug label use receive message (which does not work), it showed I was successfully executing three of four events, the receive on object A, behavior 4 failing.

    All of these events are occurring (in theory) on the same frame.

  • Admin

    are you on the latest update? I think there were some bugs with these behavioursbthatvwere fixed recently.

    Also are you sure the broadcast and receive are even being executed? Put something like a play sound before each one. If a sound plays then at least you know the logic up until that point is fine.

    My guess is there is some sort of logic error here. Like the receive is happening before the broadcast.

  • It seemed the issue was that I was running the risk of broadcasting right after trying to receive on the same frame. By adding a one frame delay to the receives, most of my issues were solved.

    I recommend new users take note of that :)

  • @thecheater887 not sure if it's the same issue, but something that's gotten me before is if you run the broadcast before the receive behaviour is enabled it won't work.

    So if your broadcast and receive are both enabled on the same frame (also happens with the first frame) you need to make sure they run in the right order, so the receive is enabled first.

  • @jack8680 Same issue, different words. There’s no way to verify the order they run in unless you wait a frame because I had it where one stack couldn’t continue before the request was finished and it failed.

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