Fine, here’s an ACTUAL guide on how to beat 15/20 Mode.

  • Trust me, this strategy is a lot easier to learn then it looks.

    So while you can keep all the doors closed to beat it easily, we can’t do that here because that would just be cheesing it. First things first, there is a sequence that you can learn to make it easier, here’s the sequence:

    1. Pull up the monitor.
    2. Check all cameras for nearby enemies.
    3. Charge up the power.
    4. Pull the monitor down.
    5. Wait a couple seconds then repeat.
      Sounds simple enough, but certain enemies may sneak in and delay, slow down or even interrupt this sequence. For example, Dark Jayden, Kori, Endie, Lennard, Lora, Alex T, etc. Let me teach you how to deal with those characters during your sequence.
      Dark Jayden is probably the most annoying person to try and attack you during this sequence, however, he has a set pattern for when he attacks. Every 21 seconds, he will appear in 1 of 3 different places, you don’t have to wait for him to fully materialise before tapping on him, just quickly tap on him and then he’ll go away to let you repeat the sequence again. Note that there is a timer next to the hour, use that to your advantage.
      If Kori/Weavile appears whilst you are performing the sequence, you should immediately get off the camera and shut the right door as fast as you can, sure it’s tedious, but that’s what you have to do if she spawns during the sequence.
      Endie and Alex T are not as bad as you’d expect. If either of the two spawn during the sequence, you’ll most likely be scrolling through their cameras. If you see static and the words, “Signal Interrupted” on Endie’s Camera or he appeared in the office before you went on the camera, simply play the audio then you’re safe until he spawns again. As for Alex T, if you hear him crawling in the vent, just simply go to the vent system and close the appropriate vent after you’ve charged up the power.
      Lennard and Lora are VERY annoying, however, you don’t have to immediately put on the mask once they are in the office, as that not only wastes time, but gives the power a LOT of time to run out. Before they slide in front of you, be sure to keep the doors closed and charge the power up before quickly pulling the monitor down and putting the mask on.
      SonicKid7 looks quite complicated but the sequence helps dealing with him a LOT. Whilst looking through the cameras, if you see him about to leave Emerald Cove, close the left door after you pull down the monitor until you hear him run then hit the door. Same thing applies for Edward and Alex A, except when you see them get too close on the camera, simply close the corresponding door until you hear them hit the door.
      If The Bug appears, you’ll have to go on the camera sooner than usual because it only takes The Bug 5 seconds to get you once he spawns. Once you’re on the camera, simply cancel the download.
      H.I.M is a bit buggy at the moment (A patch may come soon or not I’m not sure.), so if you pull down the monitor and he spawns, swipe in the appropriate direction then wait at least 2 or 3 seconds before pulling the monitor back up because if he spawns then you do his thing then pull the monitor up and then back down way too quickly, he’ll likely just randomly kill you.
      I think that’s about it. I may have made a mistake somewhere but that’s because I just woke up (At the time of me posting this.), let me know if I forgot something. See ya and stay fresh!

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