Set Life Indicator behaviors in old projects crash Hyperpad

  • iPad Model: IPad Air generation 3
    iOS version: 12.3.1
    hyperPad Version: 1.24
    Description: Set Life Indicators created before the latest update will crash the app when ran in game or tapped in the behavior editor.
    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Edit a project created before 1.24 which used the Set Life Indicator behavior
    2. Attempt to edit the behavior in the behavior editor or activate it in game, the app will crash.

    Additional Info: Below I attached a link to the project with this glitch, I have removed every object that does not relate to the glitch. The glitched behaviors are in the triangle object.

  • Admin

    This is a really strange bug, because I'm not sure how it got into this state. It should definitely not crash, but for some reason, one of the values in the input field is the wrong type.

    Will fix the crash in the next update. 1.25

    Also, send us the whole project and tell me what objects that have the behaviour so I can quickly fix it for you and send it back.

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