Version 1.25 Now available

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    hyperPad Version 1.25 is finally here! It should be available in app stores around the world very any moment now.

    This update focuses on performance improvements and some bug fixes to issues that were introduced in version 1.24

    What's new:

    • Log in With Apple

    What's Fixed:

    • Large and complex scenes are now much faster at loading
    • Share with friends bugs are fixed
    • Behaviour output list is no longer cut off for behaviours with many output options
    • Fixed issue where loading the forum before the hub would ask you to log in
    • Fixed errors when opening some projects from a url
    • Making new project is more accessible
    • Fixed layers bar scrolling issues
    • Fixed PTM reverting to 0 on older projects
    • Fixed broken sample projects
    • Forum avatars are now synced with app
    • Fixed issue where overlay menu wouldn't open on iOS13
    • Fixed crash with set screen rotation behaviour
    • Fixed crash with set life indicator behaviour on old projects

    You can video the complete list of changes, and planned future updates on our roadmap

  • Since using ios13 I’ve encountered a problem for importing images. All images are just titled “image” so it’s impossible to import multiple images. Could you possibly make each image be a random number?

  • This is what happens when you do import more than one image:33F9C617-2C3E-4A43-9FB7-E7B564B82C43.jpeg

  • Admin

    @BD-Studios Yes we can fix that. I'll mark that as a bug

  • @Hamed great! Thanks!

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