Does hyperpad support game controllers

  • With all the recent updates that apple has been releasing. Especially now you can use a ps4 or xbox controller. Does hyperpad support integration with this? If so how do you map the buttons to interact with the controllers?

  • Admin

    Years ago when Apple launched their controller support we released an update to take advantage of it. It only worked with joystick control, jump with button and shoot with button behaviours.
    But Apple never really did anything with it, and none of our users used it. So we never really focused on it any more.

    The latest apple stuff seems interesting, but the demand isn's quite there yet. I definitely want to have a "control" system with button mapping and things. But I think there are more high priority things right now.

  • @Murtaza i see and yes I agree. I think controller support are much better suited for 3d games.

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