Why Cocos2D?

  • I just wanted to know the answer to this question to really see the root of why cocos2d was chosen to be the programming language to write to instead of like coronasdk or other similar languages. Also the main language for ios is Swift. How come hyperpad doesnt just write directly to swift? Wont that cut out the middleman which is cocos2d which is pretty much writing to swift to be compatible for ios. So right now @Hamed doesnt this mean you need to learn about 3 programming language. 1 the language written to create hyperpad . 2. Cocos2d and 3 swift or objective c for xcode? Or am i getting this wrong.

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    Cocos2d isn't a language. Its a framework (essentially a collection of functions) similar to Apple's spritekit. Spritekit was actually heavily inspired by cocos2d.

    Xcode also not a language. Xcode is an ide used to write / compile code.

    hyperPad doesn't generate code because Apple doesn't let you on iOS or iPadOS, so we came up with our solution years and years ago (before swift).

    When you export your project, you can actually use swift and manually code up features like in app purchases and dive deeper into code and interface with hyperpad pretty easily.

    Personally, I pretty much know all languages so its not a problem of what I need to learn.

  • @Hamed does this mean that features like in app purchases is impossible to integrate fully within hyperpad?

  • @Hamed did you graduate as a computer science major or are you self taught

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    I graduated as a compsci.

    There are ways to handle in app purchases when exporting, but this is pretty low priority since i've made lots of example snippets on implementing iap on exported projects.

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