Disable the auto moving of behaviors

  • This has been driving me nuts for a while now. I position my behaviors the way I want them and when I connect one that's a little further out BAM everything shifts over. Also annoying, when using a mouse, clicking on a behavior will occasionally trigger the double tap effect where it repositions itself instead of opening up the right-side menu.

  • I think I actually agree with this lol. Sometimes I have to mentally prepare myself before connecting a new behavior to a complicated string.

  • I'm one of those mad people that need my behaviours to be really neat so I double tap all my behaviours all the time so they position themselves neatly. But this mechanic also annoys me sometimes. I have a long line of behaviours connected under a behaviour, and I want to add a new behaviour between some, I have to disconnect all of the behaviours needed to get it in (which is fine) but then reconnecting them makes a big mess lol, behaviours repositioning themselves on top of others that I haven't connected yet, making them hard to reconnect.

  • I think the best thing for behaviors is to have an undo button. There are many times I will accidentally delete a string or a connection will mess everything up and I would have to problem solve what went wrong.

  • This is so relatable 😂

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