Is the final build more stable?

  • Im seeing alot of mix results when it comes to playing games from the hub. Some games seem to not even load or play with certain devices. I was wondering if this is just a hyperpad viewer limitation. If i were to build out the game and publish it to the app store. Would the game that people had trouble loading or playing not see those problems from an app that has been compressed from the apple store? Or would those problem still persist. I read that apple changes the way they compress their apps to the app store making it a much lighter and a faster file to render. So long story short. Is this a hyperpad viewer limitation and does this problem get solved when building to the app store.

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    At what point are you having issues when playing a project?

    Is it failing after the project downloads? Or does the progress bar not start/end?

    If the issue is it doesn’t even start/end the download then that will definitely not exist when exporting to the App Store or even playing locally.

    Are your own projects working fine when playing within hyperpad?

    Keep in mind the viewer is just hyperpad with the editor functions locked out.

  • For me personally im actually not experiencing any issues. Maybe because im on a newer device. I was referring to alot of comments on the hub where some people actually have problems loading their games. I also recall aiden where a game would crash on him from the hub. Was just interested to know if these crashes would go away within the final build.

  • @Murtaza i also ask because when comparing the games from the hub to the one im creating. If those games wont load for some people. I can only imagine my game wont load at all for them also. Almost every object in my game animates. It flies vertically forever really and has multiple objects falling from the sky. All though i addressed some of the performance issues with Hamed im just a little worried if my game will load for everyone else.

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    Most of the complaints are failed downloads, these are usually caused by intermittent wifi loss, or something along those lines.
    hyperPad doesn't handle poor connections very well, it's something we have difficulty recreating.

    Crashes really depend on a case by case basis. Often times its how the user constructed their behaviours, or memmory issue, not really a hyperpad limitation or fault.

    Situations of the game not loading are not performance related. There are a wide variety of potential issues. But this wouldn't be because a device is to old etc.
    Older devices could lag, or crash. The crashes could be caused by memory usage. But again, this wouldn't necessarily be a hyperPad specific issue. It depends on how your game was constructed and the size of the assets used.

    For example, if you have hundreds objects that are 2048x2048 pixels, with 1000 animation frames, That would most likely crash... But this is just bad game design.

  • @Murtaza my current game will typically crash after hitting “restart” somewhere between 5 to 10 times. I reuse a lot of the same assets, They’re all mostly smaller than 400x400, and my larger assets are simply empty objects at full opacity. Otherwise, my game runs pretty smoothly.

    Edit: There are usually no more than 12-15 different types of assets on screen at any given time - all under 400x400 with minimum transparency. I do, however, have upwards of 75 wall objects, but they all use the exact same asset except for maybe roughly 15 of them. There are no animations in my game.

    Is something being carried over between restarts that’s causing this? Is there some sort of “clean up” I can perform before a scene restarts?

  • @Murtaza i see i didnt even know that behaviors can be constructed wrong where it can do that. What are some examples of bad constructed behaviors? I wonder if my whole project is constructed wrong because i really dont know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to programming. If my project is running on my device with no problems at all is that a good rule of thumb that it should run good on other devices?

  • @bosswave do you have refresh toggled on within the restart behavior?

  • @SplitMindGaming I’m using the default game over screen temporarily, but yeah it seems to have refresh toggled on by default.

  • @bosswave got you. Yeah I like what you mentioned about the cleanup. I think some good cleanup tips would help out alot. Im going to create another post dedicated to this.

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    @Murtaza said in Is the final build more stable?:

    are not performance related. There are a wide variety of potential issues. But this wouldn't be because a device is to old etc.
    Older devices could lag, or crash. The cras

    Restart behaviour is supposed to clean everything up. It might keep images you loaded in memory, but shouldn't reload them. Sounds like a bug, send us a project so we can see whats going on @bosswave

  • @Hamed I would love to but my project is actually top secret for the time being lol. I believe I had a similar issue with double champion but that was probably due to the poorly organized game logic.

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