Cleanup And What Not To Do Tips

  • I wanted to create this post for people or the developers to share their tips on this subject. Their are post on what to do when making these games. But i havent seen a dedicated post on what not to do. Please share some good cleanup tips and what not to do when building a game specifically within hyperPad and the behavior system. Heres what i learned personally from Hamed over the phone.

    • do not spawn in multiple items constantly. instead recycle the ones that are already in game by constantly positioning them where they need to be or only when they are able to be seen.

  • • Do not use large font sizes, scale them up instead. Bigger font sizes are higher quality, but cause a lot of lag.
    • Do not animate huge graphics as it causes lag, use low resolution / small sized images.
    • Limit the amount of physical objects or lower refresh rate and physics iteration in global settings. Physics can widely impact performance if used incorrectly.
    • Use no blending on objects that have no transparency.
    • Utilize behavior Ignore collisions on physics objects. Checking for objects that cannot be collided can waste performance. For example, if two groups physical objects are far away from each other and are never planned to meet, they should ignore each other because they never interact with each other.

    That's all I have for now. :)

  • @RobinsonX great tips. I never thought to scale up the fonts instead of making them bigger. What are your thoughts on say overall image size animation. I have an animated background image that uses a series of 5 1024 x1024 images. Is it better to decrease the sizes of those images and just scale them upwards in hyperpad.? Im doing pixel art if that helps answer the question.

  • If you are doing pixel art, you can definitely decrease the resolution and disable anti-aliasing. Of course, that depends on the resolution of the pixel art itself.

  • @RobinsonX also you mentioned physics iteration. Is it better for it to be a higher number or lower? Right now the default is at 10. Not too sure what this does.

  • @SplitMindGaming Higher = more Physics calculations per second = less squishy more realistic physics, but costs more performance.

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