Sprite maker

  • It would be cool if there was a really good sprite maker added. That also allowed you to make animations. I don’t know how possibly that would be but it would be cool!

  • There are apps that can do that. :)

    For pixel art, I use a free app called Pixelable. If you are advanced, you can use an app called Pixel Studio, another free app, for animating pixel art.

    For just making cartoonish graphics, I use an app called You Doodle. This app is free to download, however, you might have to watch ads or pay to unlock advanced features.

  • I think the best pixel app on the app store is hands down Pixaki. Im also a beta tester for pixaki 4 and you guys are in for a surprise for what that app has in store. It has color replacement. Unlimited layers, pixel perfect mode like they have in asesprite. The list goes on. I think hyperpad should definitely incorporate this feature as ipads get faster and have more increase ram. For right now i like what the hyperpad team is doing and really focusing on the core features of game development. Once lighting and parallaxing is within hyperpad. We can expect to see more polished games.

  • HyperPad is for programming in, not creating art. But, if hyperPad ever gives us the options to more accurately manipulate screen pixels and save images etc, I'll be making my own image editor lol.

  • @RobinsonX I use pixel studio... I’m just saying it would be way more convenient to have one in game then having to keep switching apps

  • @BrayDog-studios i hear you on this as well. I spend almost half my days drawing and importing to hyperpad back and forth and back and forth. If i was able to draw directly on hyperpad or imagine even drawing directly on scene. Ohhhh i would be in love. I would be able to literally draw my level design directly on the scene editor which would cut production time more then half. I would be spending more time on developing a better user experience gameplay then switching back and forth.

  • The best drawing app is procreate

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