Loop animation doesnt work when chaining

  • Im trying to chain a series of animations to create a specific look and feel but i notice that when adding another animation below 1 that is set to repeat count. It will only repeat once even if i place a real high number like 100. Check screenshots to see what im talking about.022CF8F4-7279-4C7A-BC50-E23D06EDA6B6.jpeg

  • @SplitMindGaming The below animation is overwriting the one above it since it's being triggered immediately after. I think what's happening is the animation underneath isn't waiting for the one above to finish. I think it would be nice if animation behaviours waited until they are finished before triggering behaviours under them, but for now you'll have to work out yourself exactly how long it lasts, and have the 2nd animation play after that delay.

  • @Aidan_Fire it waits for the above animation to finish if i set it to only loop once. Whats happening is that its not waiting for it to finish if i set it to loop 3 times or even 100 times. Otherwise it wouldnt matter how many animations i have stacked above if it will only read the bottom 1.

  • @SplitMindGaming There's a workaround. You can set them to loop only once, then just link the behaviors together in a loop. If you want that sequence to loop a specific amount of times, you can have other behaviors to make it stop animating.

  • @SplitMindGaming It's been a long time since I used animation behaviours. Last time I used them they didn't wait at all. I should've tested before commenting lol sorry.

  • Admin

    @SplitMindGaming the problem here is that everything under repeat gets triggered every time. e.g if i have it repeating 100 times, the behaviour underneath is going to get triggered 100 times too. To see this in effect, add an Add to score behaviour under your repeating behaviours.

    But looking at this behaviour that seems pretty wrong. I'm going to deprecate this behaviour and any new animation behaviours (after the update or beta) is going to work as expected

  • Mk, good to know

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