The Haynster's Adventure Collection

  • The Haynster's Adventure Collection is coming along good, it will have 2 different endings, to complete the game fully, you have to get both endings, then the final level is unlocked, a final castle, with never ending paths, enemies of all kinds, and a true final boss, The DefenderBot, it defends what is causing the entire story, once it’s dead, you will need to find your way out before the entire facility explodes, if you die during then, your sent all the way back, it’s a very hard level. You know what? Who ever beats it first and provides proof, get there name in the actual game

  • New system for level select,still needs some bug fixes, but will be done soon!9A9A026F-0615-4B93-8ACB-2F0F968C9594.png

  • Nice! 👍

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