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    Where I've been
    I've been gone for a while, on both hyperpad and discord. I can assure you guys that I am indeed not dead IRL, but still dead inside. In the time I've been gone, I have been planning a new game and slowly building a project idea. Now it's been about a month now, and I think I looks pretty sick... Yeah so here you go:


    Hyperpad Brawl:
    Hyperpad Brawl is a new platform based fighting game I'm currently developing! I am putting all my effort into the visuals, gameplay, and even the music! Check it:

    What to Expect:

    • Fighters - There will be 6 base fighters, although I am looking to add bonus fighters into the game.
    • Online Features - I am looking to learn or get help into adding online features into the game, such as online battles, account system, shop, etc.
    • Stages - I am planning to add one stage for every fighter, and probably some extra stages for small references to other projects!
    • Items - There will be items involved with the game, however not to many, as I want the game to be skill based, not item based :)
    • OST - I am going to make the full OST as best as I can! Aside from normal game OST, I want to include other Hyperpad Game's soundtracks remixed into the game!

    That's all I can say for now! Until next update,

    (P.S. I just saw the Hyperfight trailer while writing this, looks sweet!)

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  • Hello Guys!
    Im going to be doing a Q&A/FAQ for Hyperpad Brawl! Feel free to ask questions based on the development of the game! You can ask one question, or five hundred, I really don't care! Aside from that, I will also reveal some more in-depth movesets and other small things for every fighter soon! In the meantime, here's fighter number 4!
    Orangey.png BRAWL3.png

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  • Hyperpad Brawl QnA/FAQ:
    Hello everyone! Since nobody asked anything (rip lmao), I just decided to make up my own questions or facts that may be useful to you guys!

    When will the game release?
    I am aiming for a mid-2022 release date right now. Currently, the game is almost out of the engine building stage, so it shouldn't be too long before I show off movesets and fighter details.

    Is this competitive?
    YES. The game is going to be made a competitive-type game. Depending on if the game is good or not, or if it gets popular, I would be willing to host my own tournaments with (maybe) cash prizes!

    Will there be online?
    As of right now, yes. I am taking java tutorials to further learn socket.io knowledge. But I am still looking for people to help with online stuffs.

    How many fighters?
    There are 6 planned fighters... Haha jk there are actually 8 planned fighters in the game. I am currently not looking to add DLC/bonus fighters into the game. But I am looking into maybe holding a sign-up, where people can submit fighters that may get added as a 9th fighter.

    Can I be in the game?
    Yeah, just make a character and send it to me lmao. There's not really a whole lot of "notable" members on hyperpad. With OC's at least...

    What are the stages?
    There will be one stage per fighter! I will also add other stages of other famous hyperpad games.

    What are the moves?
    The moves for every fighter will contain as follows:

    • Forward, Up, & Down Strong Attacks
    • Forward, Up, & Down Light Attacks
    • Forward, Up, & Down Special Attacks
    • Forward, Up, Down, & Back Aerial Attacks
    • Grabs
    • Taunt (lol)

    Can you give any additional info?
    Yes, actually I can show the 5th fighter in the game!

    The 5th fighter is....


    Even though he is not a hyperpad user, I felt he still makes contributions to the hyperpad community!

    That's all for right now! I hope you read all this, and you are as excited as I am about this project! My next post will be all about the moveset of the one and only, RX!


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