Minimize Joystick Deadzone? (For side view game)

  • When I move the joystick, the default parameters of it’s move behavior is: joystick has to touch either the right side end point or the left side end point, to trigger character movement.

    I would like there to be no dead zone in between the controller drift, as it travels in between these two end points.

    Where can I change this behavior?

    thank you

  • @dumbTactics I’ve found it better to build my own movement system using the physics behaviors and the left, right etc behaviors. You can output the magnitude from the joystick behaviors .

  • Something like the Joystick Analog would help with this. :)
    It outputs the x and y position of joystick relative to its center.

    You can use If behaviors to check the x value and make the player move left or right depending if the number is negative or positive:

    • Negative = Player moves left
    • Positive = Player moves right

  • @RobinsonX @TutorialDoctor Thank you fellas. I'll look into this. Very much appreciated :)

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