SAD SOULS lore - souls games wiki/visual novel

  • Hello community,

    I’m working on wiki/visual novel app called SAD SOULS, the main idea is to tell the stories/lore of souls games npcs.
    Any ideas or best practices for this SAD APP ?


  • The game looks pretty neat so far. :)

    Things I would recommend:

    • Add sound effects for when a page opens up or when transitioning - it allows the player to become more immersed in the project.
    • Although overlays are useful, they pause the music currently playing which can ruin immersion. Try limiting the use of overlays - you can use layers as menus; you can change the visibility of the layers via Show Layer and Hide Layer.
    • Use transform behaviors to your advantage - For example, you can make a scene fade in and out using an empty object over the scene and changing its color. Again, this is for immersion.

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