Importing Data

  • I just have another question, is there anyway in hyperPad to import data from a file onto hyperPad to then use it. Since I have some stats I would like to import into the app to use for something with my app. (I know about the saving and reading embedded in hyperPad, but I mean importing a file from an outside source. Like a .csv file). Thanks!

  • Admin

    Not possible.

    In the next update we're adding support for http requests, so you could put your data online connect to it then retrieve it, and store it into an array ( also new feature in next update).

    But no direct way to load a csv into HyperPad.

  • You obviously can't import files that hyperPad doesn't support, but any app that can export a file can export to hyperPad ONLY if hyperPad supports it, e.g pictures. I think hyperPad accepts sound files and probably also particle files if you get them in the right format.

  • There is indeed no direct way, but CSV is readable as plain text, so if you put the CSV in by copying it as text into a box container for example, you could use trim text to trim each character and then set dynamic attributes to the values between every comma. And in the next update, I'll probably make a CSV to JSON converter so you can convert a CSV list to an array.

  • @Murtaza can you import particle files?

  • Admin

    @iTap-Development You cannot.

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