Dodge Update Log (V2.3)

  • Heyo! This is the update log for Dodge! This will include new features and patches! Please comment any ideas or feedback for the game.


    The unlockable levels update is here with only three levels (for testing) but more shall be released soon today or tomorrow!

    New Features:

    New unlockable levels (they save)
    New green coin (random amount of points 1-25)
    Infinite mode
    New physics


    Fixed infinite mode glitch
    Cleaned up the look of the title screen (New logo and font)
    Fixed title screen glitch (Thank you @RobinsonX for finding this)
    Fixed Infinite Ad glitch.

    “Dodge!” is a registered trademark of Ten Studios Co. and not to be used without consent.

  • Next update, RANKS!
    (More to come such as diamond, emerald, etc.

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  • By the way, the next update is tomorrow at 1 pm PST!

    Many awesome new things to come!

  • Awesome!

  • Ranks have now been added, play now to get to the highest rank!

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