Sam And Riley Update.

  • OK, So guys, this game was meant to be coming out this year in August. Now, I don't know if this is going to happen as it looks as if this game is going to be a challenge to create for you all.
    If this game is out by August, it will only be a teaser game, not the full-fledged game. This game will have 13 levels, not the original 11 I said I'd do. The extra 2 are going to be mini-game based and not proper levels?
    Tell me what you guys think, and I'll keep you updated.
    (Also, this game will feature the MDK Album "Jelly Castle" I have tipped Morgan himself on Patreon, so I'm not using it as a free-loader :))
    This game is set to be fully released in mid 2017/start 2018
    I can't really give a release date.
    All I can say now is byeeee! <3

  • @Cyber_Death what is Sam and Riley? Is it that basketball toss game or something else?

  • @Jack8680
    Hello! Sorry I didn't get back sooner. I was busy with some errands.
    Yes, this game was announced way back in 2014 on GamePress, but was then removed. The Spin-Off "Basketball Toss" was a filler with the use of the sprites I had made then and using the skills I have now.
    All I can say is that it's a proper game, using the newer sprites you'll see soon for the beta announcement/demo coming very soon. The demo will contain only 3 of the 13 playable levels. When this game is ready for launch, I will start a 3 day countdown for the demo release here on the Forums page.
    I have given enough info here for you to expect. The demo may be buggy on release, but that's to be expected (I think XD) so, I'm going to get back on track with this. So I am going offline for about 3 hour to work on this solidly. I'll keep you updated as progress is made.
    Talk to you soon!

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