Jump with Button Animations loop?

  • The Jump with Button animations don't work correctly. I think this happens with other behaviors that have Custom animations also. Somehow they loop twice or don't play correctly. It seems they loop twice or something.

    Also it seems they need more options as the regular Play Animation behavior, like the ability to loop or not loop the animations.

  • Admin

    With out seeing what's happening, I am guessing the animation is conflicting with another running animation. In the previous updates we introduced animation priorities so you can prioritize animations, so they don't interrupt a less important animation.

    As for looping on jump, well in most situations you wouldn't want to loop. In the off chance that you do, you can always create your own jump + play animation behaviour. These "premade" actions (like jump with button, joystick controlled) are there to cover most situations. Adding too many extra options over complicates things and then it comes to the point of where do we draw the line? (eg. joystick controlled has wayy to many options as it is).

  • Animation priority doesn't fix it. Adding a 2-frame animation to a Jump with Button behavior plays the animation twice and there is nowhere to set the amount of times it plays.

    Also, the Set Bounce behavior isn't making objects bounce?

  • @TutorialDoctor I think both objects colliding have to have bounce for one of them to bounce. If you set both objects bounce to 100, the object will bounce back the same height, but if only one object has bounce it won't bounce.

  • @iTap-Development well, that does work but lately it seems like physics doesn't work like physics. Even how from gamepress to hyperPad, how objects can go through each other. Yeah. Both objects have to be at least 100 percent.

  • The bounce thing has to be a bug. One I set them both to 100 and hit play, I can afterwards make one less than 100.

  • @TutorialDoctor that is how it is supposed to work. You can set either one to any number between 0 and 100.

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