New game! Supreme Mario Bros. BRAWL Beta 1

  • I will be giving you all a beta for my new game, SMBB Beta 1. This Beta will release tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th February. AKA Valentines Day!
    (The reason I'm doing that then is because it's my girlfriend's birthday tomorrow and she loves Mario :))
    The full game will be in the summer holidays. There will be different arenas and their graphics. All sprites are made by me and with help from my girlfriend.

    P.S, whoelses birthday is on Valentine's Day?
    Tell me in the comments and I'll give you a personal message! Spread the love this Valentine's Day!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Just let them report it here!

    Tell your girlfriend I wish her a splendid birthday, and rock on man! :D

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