BUG: Game and Debug Menu are rotated 180° opposite

  • Nearly always, When in-editor playing a game, the debug menu and hamburger menu are precisely 180° differently roasted then the game itself.

    Additionally, the inability to remove the hamburger menu in-editor is quite annoying. Would it be possible to let the user add a custom button to invoke that menu, only in seen while in editor-play, or let them free-place it anywhere within screen view?

  • Admin

    Are you holding the iPad the correct way, and do you have "Lock Rotation" off on your iPad?

    The game view is supposed to rotate to the way you're holding the iPad. But if you are locking the rotation from control centre it can conflict sometimes.

    Regarding removal of the hamburger menu. Not going to happen. It's the only way users can get back to the editor. So it has to stay. We give you some customization, but still want to keep this consistent from game to game, that's why we let you chose our designated positions rather than anywhere on screen.
    Also the only reason the menu button appears in the editor canvas is so you can design around it, and know it's going to be there. Plus it only shows up when the Global Properties are selected.

  • @Murtaza Yes and Yes.

    Understandable, but That sucks majorly. It's a major pain when you need the entire screen edges, and don't have a corner to spare.

  • Admin

    I get that, but you can move it to another corner, and change the colour as well. The button just has to be there unfortunately.

    We tried it with no button (I'm sure you remember), where you had to slide from the edge of the screen to open the debug/quit menu. But most users were confused by this (even though we had a big interactive tutorial showing them this the first time they press play).
    So we switched it back to a button.

    In the editor it shouldn't be in your way at all until you press the global properties button. Then it shows up until you select another object.

  • Yes, I do remember. That was also a pain, and I complained about that too.

    It's in game it's the issue, unfortunately. Like, the UI has 23 buttons in 2.5D, and then there's the hamburger menu XD

    My device has rotation issues, I know, but hyperPad is the only one that decides to have one element 0° and one 180°, instead of everythingng either or.

  • @Thecheater887 you can give it a transparent colour though to make a custom pause button by adding an object behind it.

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