Several bugs

  • Here is a list of a few things I've found recently!

    1. Move to point(and maybe other move behaviors) moves the object to the bottom left corner if relative position is on.

    2. Duplicated behaviors don't get placed in the right position. It seems to set the duplicated behavior to the right of a PREVIOUS position of the original.

    3. When I have a lot of behaviors in a spot, tapping to snap connections seems to get triggered even if you tap away from it (about the distance of a behaviors size).

    4. When you have behaviors connected under an elseif, they done move with other behaviors when dragged.(the behaviors connected to the if, or above the if)

  • @Murtaza @Hamed @Behroz just checking the see if this got missed. I forgot to @ any of you when I posted it.😄

  • Admin

    Thanks, we have seen it. Sometimes we just don't reply because we haven't got to them yet.

    We try to answer questions as soon as we can, but with bug reports we read them and just get to them as soon as we're done with what ever we're working on.

    Sorry if it feels like we're ignoring :)

  • @Murtaza no problem!

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