• @Murtaza can someone copright a project on the hub? In the terms it said stuff about published projects being user content.

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    Copy pasting my reply from the hub:

    Yes, but I think there is some confusion on what copyright is, and how it protects you. First, you don't need to pay for a copy right, or file any forms or any thing like that. You just need a way to prove something is yours, and it has a date. Usually people physically mail them selves a copy of what ever they want "protected". Though you can get a lawyer and do it that way too.

    Secondly, all it does is give you the right to define the terms of how you want others to use or reproduce your work. Basically can they only play it? Can they distribute it? Can they share it, can they edit it? etc. By Sharing to the hub, you give hyperPad the right to distribute and share. If you make it open source, you're essentially giving up these rights and saying it's ok to do what you want, with one except, you can't redistribute/use it commercially (meaning someone can't branch your game and then go and sell it).

    This also works the other way. For example, for example if you create a Mario game, Nintendo has every right to come and ask us to take it down, because they own the rights and they don't give them up ever. This is why one of the hub rules is to make sure you're not using copyrighted material, and create your own assets. We usually let fan games slide until there is a complaint, or they're blatantly ripping off assets and resources from the original game.

    Also, I'm not a lawyer. So don't take this as legal advice. It's up to you to look into it deeper if it's really important to you. In all honestly, unless you're a big company you don't have the resources to protect your self any ways. So it's just better to not worry about it too much.

  • @Murtaza but if a game is taken down from the hub, will the .tap file itself be blocked when sharing through mail? I'm guessing not, right? (So I could make an exact SMW replica so there's no need to emulate)

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    We don't (and can't) control email. Anything you make privately and share privately is your responsibility not ours. We can't (and shouldn't) moderate that.

  • @Murtaza okay, thanks 🙂

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