Insert behavior?

  • I keep having a situation where I have multiple sub behaviors coming off of a behavior and then find that I want to add a new sub behavior. This causes me to have to reconnect each sub behavior, which is time consuming. Is there an insert function?

  • Admin

    There is not :(.

    This is something we'd like to add. But can't figure out a good obvious way to do it.

    If anyone has ideas we'd happily consider them :).

  • Could you have a long press on a node bring up a contextual menu? Could have a few options: insert, paste and insert, copy and cut.

  • Is this like you have a behaviour and you want to position the sub behaviour in between all the other sub behaviours you already have, so you have to disconnect all the wires, add the new one in then reconnect them? If so I have this problem too lol. Maybe make it so that when you tap on a sub behaviour, it brings up a left and right arrow somewhere and when you press them it swaps that behaviour with the one next to it. That would be handy.

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